What can you do to stay safe during Covid-19?

What can you do to stay safe during Covid-19?

What a year 2020 has been, it just seems to be getting worse as time moves on. We may assume that Covid-19 surely will be done with us soon, but did we think it would stick around for this long?

The best thing to do moving forward is to be conscious of the way we live, the things we do at home, but especially what we do when we are at work and out and about.

So, what can you do to stay safe during Covid-19 and beyond?

1. Wash your hands

By far the most important thing on your list should be to wash your hands regularly. Did you know that the link between handwashing and health was first made less than two centuries ago? It’s crazy to think, since many of us remember being told to wash our hands as children.

But are we washing our hands correctly? Some of us may have been doing it wrong all these years and not even be aware.

The main thing to remember is that soap should cover all parts and crevices of your hands and the process should take about 20 seconds.

The World Health Organisation has released easy to follow instructions to help people with this important task.

How to wash hands

If you do not have access to running water and soap, use hand sanitiser with 70% or more alcohol. It is important that the percentage is 70% or more to ensure to kill all germs.

2. Cover your coughs

You have probably been coughing wrong too. It is not doing anyone any good to cough into your hands. Your hands will touch many things until you next wash your hands and by coughing into your hands, you are potentially infecting many people with germs.

You can cover a cough more hygienically by coughing into a tissue, or into your elbow.

3. Avoid public outings

The best way to avoid catching a disease is to limit your exposure to large groups of people. Leave the house only when necessary and meet with as few as people as possible when you need to.

4. Wear a mask

Wearing a mask can help protect you and those around you if you are out in public or in a place where social distancing is not possible.

5. Get tested

If you feel unwell, the most important thing to do is to get tested just to be sure you are not contributing to the spread of the virus.

Be sure to follow these steps to help the world pull through this unfortunate and hard time.

6. Keep your home & workplace clean

Be sure to keep all surfaces clean at home and in the workplace. A sanitising surface spray that is above 80% alcohol should be used in keeping up good hygiene practices in every place you spend some time.


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